A Brief History of Lomo Camera

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This unique camera called the Lomo stands Leningsradskoye Optiko Mechaninicheskoye Obyedinenie derived from an optical fiber plant in Russia, Lomo, which at the time of World War II used by the Russians to spy on the enemy. This camera has a typical shots and unique. Why? Because this camera has a lens that is on the edge of the frame, varying distortion (exposure) and the middle clear. This is what makes this camera a unique camera. Uniquely, this camera has more than one lens, so it can produce images that are unique as well.

Lomography presents the style of photography is casual and closer to the style snapshot, image disorders such as over-saturated colors, lens artifacts, and defects because of exposure to even produce an abstract effect. This camera is really good for everyday wear due to its small size, and ability to take pictures in low light areas (encouraging rampant candid photography).

If Eastman Kodak had a concept of "Kodak moment", then the Lomography have the concept of "do not think, just shoot" that relies on spontanity, close-up and not think too much about technique formal photographs. Lomographer Lomography is a community of photographers, they are a community of fans of compact cameras and camera Lomo other plastic toys. Lomo is taken from the name of the company's Russian weaponry and optics that produce such a compact camera.

The first compact camera of this factory-made Lomo Kompakt Automat named or better known as LC-A (Lomo Compact Automatict). Lomographer chose this camera because of the ease and not have to think about things that are very technical, which is overlooked is the moment, colors, shapes, and the image itself.

Development is not only one type of camera, there are many cameras that always lomographer use, such as kit Holga, Colorsplash camera, Horizon 202, Pop 9, Action sampler, Cybersampler, Super Sampler, 3D Camera set, Smena 8 and Seagull TLR. A thousand words is not enough to feel and understand this community, if not go try. So, chose your gear, do not think just shoot .. Do not be afraid if the work produced ugly, because each image produced is a beauty, if not for your roommates, then this community would support the work of you, so join lomographer wrote at the world to make the world more colorful. Sharing is sexy

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